DOs and DON’Ts: to save or to spend

Since the moment we graduate of high school and start thinking about our own future way more seriously, we are all thinking about this crucial question. Is it better to work more and to earn more so as to spend more or we better save something aside no matter what our wages and salaries are? Do we need that much money in the bank account and do we need that many piece of clothing, or technological gadgets or cars or whatever? Do we need to spend or to save? This is question that seems random, but turns out to concern every living person on Earth. And that is why you better be patient and precise when dealing with your money. That is why you better think twice. And that is why we have gathered the DOs and DON’Ts of spending money for you. Take a look at them and choose wisely.


We are going to high school and then to university. We are studying different things, we are pursuing knowledge and we want to be better educated not only because of our desire for self-development, but also because we want to find a better job. Later in life we are working hard, working at home, working abroad, working during the holidays, working when we are tired, annoyed and tense, but working, so as to be promoted, to go higher in the hierarchy and earn more. And we earn more. So the most logical next step is spending as much money as we would be happy. And yeah, money doesn’t buy happiness, but only money will allow you to have the lifestyle you want. So spending more for things that give you pleasure and joy is indeed worthy. That’s the case with the traveling. It broads your horizons, makes you explore, and go out of your comfort zone. Thus you grow, you find out how strong you are and how independent you are. Spending money on frequent travels is like an investment. And it no doubt will make you happy. So why wonder?


Yeah, spending has its bright side, but in most of the cases is just the process of getting out of cash. And if you think about it, it’s not that good. Because one day, you could wake up with not a single pound, no food and no fuel and you won’t feel good, believe me. That is why you better always have a back-up plan. Always save some money in the banks. Or if you arenot keen in this idea, invest it in something that could hardly lose its value like the properties. Buy a flat in London, for instance, and you could be sure that you will be able to get that money back any time. You can live with it and saving from rent, you can rent it and earn money, you can sell it and make profit in couple of years. You just don’t have to spend it all.