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The Winter Cleaning Tasks You Always Forget

We are spending more time at home, we are snuggling on the sofa and reading books together before falling asleep.
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We are cuddling all the time, we are having guests more often, we are making hot chocolates far more frequently than we are advised to. We are making our beds in the morning, but being ready to go back to them right when the darkness falls. And that’s not too late in this season. We are making breakfast and lunch and dinner.

We are baking cakes and trying it. we are drinking coffee and we are tidying the house. We are reorganizing or we are just sitting at the table and working on the laptop for hours. We are doing million stuff while the weather outside is “frightful” and freezing cold and we are doing it inside – in the loveliest, coziest or simply ours place called home. And super logically as we are constantly there and don’t even feel like going for a walk or shopping or whatever, we are taking care of the house more properly and its condition is obviously improved. And since there are no endless sunny beaches and charming little parks that could tempt us, we are even enjoying cleaning the house and making it shine. But still there are a few things we need to take care of and never forget. And if you do not want to fail doing this, just check out this simple list.

The Balcony or the Outdoors Area

I know that you literally spend no time there. And yeah, you most probably believe that time spent cleaning a place you hardly ever stay in during the winter is wasting of precious and so scarce time. However, if you don’t take care of the outdoors area, no matter if it is a balcony, a garden or a back yard, you will need ages to make this place properly looking in the spring. And believe me, cleaning in the spring won’t be one of your favorites tasks as the variety of activities you could choose among is a lot greater.

So roll up your sleeves and make even this part of your house shine.

The Windows

The weather is almost always gloomy and you cannot even remember the last time when the sun was brightly shining and you were sitting at the sofa before the windows and relishing those sunbeams that made you feel alive. It is rainy, snowy, foggy or just wintery and it gets dark so much earlier that there are days that you don’t even see the windows behind the curtains. Yeah, when you come back after work it’s already dark, and yeah, you hate it. However, those windows need some maintenance. So you better wash them properly at least once in a month. Thus they won’t gather that much dust and grime during the winter and when the spring arrives you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee together with beautiful sunshine and the full tranquility.

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