The Beauty Tools Clean-up You Need to Do Now

The beauty tools and products are essentials and no, it is not, because you will never go out make-up-less, but because there is something charming and enthralling in the care for yourself. It is your own time, your own routine, you treat your face and body nicely and it feels well, that’s for sure. So no shopping could be complete without you buying a new foundation or a night cream, no shopping is complete if you don’t go to the drug store and spend some time choosing a new lipstick. It is girly, I know. But the truth is that we love it. We are never doing it, because we should, we are doing it, because we want to. And right after you have come home and you have bought that little cute eyeshade brush, you put it into your little cup on the top of your make-up table. And only then, when you take a look at all that stuff, you may notice the little mess it is right now. Because what we never do is cleaning our make-up table and make-up tools properly. And right now is the perfect time for doing it for a first time.


What you need to do first is to free your make-up table, corner or whatever it is. You need to clean this place, where you are storing all your make-up. And first you need to get rid of everything you have never used (yeah, I am sure that there are things like this),wash-1137934_640 you have to get rid of all the things you haven’t used in the last two months and of all the packages where there is almost nothing but you still keep for some unknown reason. So get one box and plan one hour of your day, when you will make this place a better one. Put everything in this box and then offer the things you are getting rid of tot your family and friends. And yet, the things you don’t like at all could be a precious treasure for another person.

Clean your tools

Start with the most obvious – the make-up brushes and sponges. You are putting your make-up with their help every day, but you are so rarely cleaning them well. And if you are now wondering what does well in this case mean. It means that you need first to clean them with some kind of detergent. It could be simple liquid dish soap, but a shampoo, as well. Be persistent and scrub them until all traces of the product are gone. The most difficult part is surely the foundation and concealer brushes clean-up.

However, when you are done with this part, you need to go through them one more time. This time with warm water only you have to perfect them and leave them until they dry out. And then there is a cleaning task that is absolutely unpopular. You have to clean the mirror, the table and every part that has a make-up stain on it. Yeah, do it now!